The Walking Dead, Writing & Me

The Walking Dead, Writing & Me

February 9, 2015 News 0

As you may know, I use my blog to write about well, writing.  After close to a dozen posts, (gosh, it really should be more by now, huh?), um, yes, as I was saying before my brain got side-tracked, I feel like that’s really the focus of my blog.  Writing about something totally different feels like breaking the rules.  Then again, as some of you also know, I can be a bit of a rule-breaker.  So today, I’m ditching the whole writing about writing theme and blogging instead about my favorite show on television, The Walking Dead.

Yes, I am one of those people:  a Deadhead (do you think the Grateful dead would let me use this?), a zombie lover, a fan of the undead.  Whatever name given to aficionados of the show, I am one of them.

Last night saw the show’s return from mid-season hiatus; so naturally, I spent the weekend binge-watching old episodes and was utterly glued to my flat screen while the newest episode aired.  By the time I awoke this morning, I was completely inspired to blog something … about The Walking Dead.

Someone died last night.  Hardly a surprise on a post-apocalyptic show about dead people eating living people.  This character was double-killed, but that isn’t always the case.  Now, I don’t know about you, but every time I see an episode where a character is killed…and not in a way that means their corpse will be staying put, I start playing What If.  My What If game today is all about former characters, who are now Walkers, that I’d like to see return for a “stagger on” cameo.

  1. Jim. Remember him?  He got bit in Season 1, and was left, at his request, propped against a tree to die.  How ironic would it be if he came back someday to bite one of the people who left him there?  Talk about having your mistakes come back to bite you in the a**!
  2. Otis. Poor Otis got the worst possible double-cross when Shane left him to be zombie bait.  In the best of all possible karma outcomes, Walker Otis would have come back to serve that same fate up to Shane.  Seeing as the writers have already killed off Shane, I guess I’ll have to settle for the Walker Otis cameo.
  3. Jimmy & Patricia. This poor duo became part of the zombie food chain at the end of Season 2 when the farm was over-run.  Obviously, amidst all the chaos, no one had time to put them down properly.  I can’t help but feel that such an undignified end merits a Walker cameo comeback.
  4. The Governor. Michonne stabbed him; Lily shot him, but I swear I didn’t see anyone take out his brain.  And I’ve seen the episode 3 times now.  Any character that evil can’t be kept down; and I wonder if the Walker Governor would be extra mean and gory in his eating habits!
  5. Lily. Speaking of the Governor, poor Lily wound up on the Walker list herself.  If zombies have any latent memories at all, she should be following the Walker Governor around nibbling off his fingernails.

That concludes my list, Ladies & Gentlemen.  Or, maybe it’s just that it’s time to cook dinner.  (Yes, right after writing about zombies!).  Can I just add that I, Clara Grace Walker, love that these zombies are called Walkers?  LOL!  (Um, does that count as tying it into my writing?)

Happy Reading (and TV watching)!

Clara  🙂

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