Time Traveling

Time Traveling

April 9, 2014 News 0

I have a clock on my phone. There’s one on my bedside table, too, so I know instantly, upon opening my eyes, exactly what time it is. If need be, this clock can wake me at a specified hour. The microwave in my kitchen also contains a clock. As does my stove, just in case I happen to be facing the opposite direction. No matter where I stand in my kitchen, I can see what time it is. And if I climb inside my car to drive somewhere, well you guessed it, there’s a clock there, too.

This obsession with time helps me schedule my day. Knowing what time it is allows me to run errands and be places I need to be, when I need to be there. Because of my clocks, I can accomplish all the tasks that make up my day. On good days this plethora of time-keeping devices tells me one more thing: how much time I have to spend doing the things I actually want to do. Like writing. When all goes as planned, I do a lot of writing. Currently I’m putting the finishing touches on Redemption, the final installment of my Desire Never Dies trilogy, scheduled to be released in June. When I’m not polishing that book, I’m working on my next book, Exploits, which will kick-off my new 4-book series, Sex and Secrets. Then, of course, there’s this blog post I’m writing right now, for my Creative Juices blog. And last but not least, there’s the Revolution Gossip segment I do every week for the Revolution Diaries podcast. That requires a bit of writing as well.

I love writing, so I really don’t mind all these jobs. In fact, it’s the highlight of my day when I can find time to squeeze it all in.

Recently, however, I found it necessary to rejoin the workforce. And even though it’s only part-time, it’s a time suck. There’s just no other way of putting it. It also coincides badly with my newfound determination to post more regularly on my blog. All of my carefully planned and scheduled activities have been thrown into a tailspin. People with full-time jobs, I salute you!! Mind you, I’ve gone that route myself in the past. Just not in a very long time.

Which brings me to the point of this entire ramble: time. We never seem to have enough of it. Always there is more we need to do, more we want to do. And until such time as someone finally invents a time machine, or Doctor Who becomes real and takes me on as his companion, I am left struggling for more time.

And staring at my clocks.
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