Questions I Have About Zombies

Questions I Have About Zombies

June 1, 2015 News 0

Yes, yes, I write romance, not horror.  And truth be told, I don’t watch many horror films…it’s just not my thing.  I do, however, have a great affinity for zombies.  Horror or not, if there are zombies involved, I’ll probably be there to check it out.

Of course, all this zombie consumption has left me with a few questions…some that have occasionally been addressed differently by various shows…but mostly, questions I’m still waiting to have answered.  If you know the answer to any of the following, I’d love for you to share!!

1.  Can zombies climb conveyor belts? Or would they remain stuck at the bottom endlessly banging their face on the rubber as it inched upward?

2.  Can zombies swim? And/or, can they walk across the bottom of a body of water and emerge on the other side?  And if so, can they walk across the bottom of the ocean?  Can they start out in Europe, for example, and end up in America?  Also, can zombies float?

3.  Why are zombies always hungry? I mean, after they’ve chowed down a freshly living human, why aren’t they satiated for a while, allowing some to pass them by?

4.  Why are there no vegetarian zombies?

5.  How come animals never turn into zombies?

6.  What happens to zombies in the winter time? If it’s buried under 6 feet of snow, can it dig its way out?  And when it freezes, why don’t they freeze in place, allowing living humans to walk by taking them out?

7.  How come no one ever breaks into the museum to steal suits of armor and chain mail?

8.  If zombies have no working brain cells, why are they smart enough to climb stairs?

9.  Why do zombies have such good hearing? And why do they know a gunshot means a living creature is nearby?

10.  If the zombie body is dead and decomposing, how come their teeth never fall out?

11.  Why do zombies have an advanced sense of smell?

12.  If the zombie virus is transmitted by being bitten, how come being splashed in the eyes, nose, mouth or an open wound doesn’t transmit the zombie virus?

13.  Why do zombies only want to eat things that are alive? If it’s just some instinctual urge to eat, why do they care if something is alive or dead?

14.  Can zombies actually taste anything they eat?

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