Project Positive

Project Positive

November 16, 2016 News 0
Project Positive

Project Positive

It’s easy to look around the world today, and see nothing but negativity, whether it be on the news, or on your social media feeds.  Life shouldn’t be this way…so full of fear and doubt.  So to combat the negative, I’m asking all of you to help me infuse the world with some “Positive!”  During the rest of the year, you can help by posting at least one positive thought online every day that is kind, thoughtful and/or inspiring.

Some examples include:  Positive quotes, inspiring music and photographs, along with an explanation of why they inspire you, what you hope for the world, random virtual hugs and compliments to people online.

I know we can do this!!  Thank you so much!!

And as always, Happy Reading!

Love, Clara

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Clara Grace Walker: A born lover of soap operas, mystery and romance, bestselling author Clara Grace Walker is on a mission to bring glitz, glamour and continuing storylines to the world of romantic suspense.


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