Making a Difference

Making a Difference

March 23, 2014 News 0


Making a Difference


Her name is Maxine Clark.  I have never met her, and have no idea how old she is really, but she’s a lady, so let’s just say she is forever 29.  All women should be afforded that privilege, right?  J  Here she is, looking 29 and fabulous!


I recently asked my readers to have a bit of fun and tweet or message me photos of them reading one of my books.  Maxine sent me hers.  I love what a good sport she is.  What I love even more, and what might not be readily apparent from the photo, is that Maxine is bedridden.  Reading is one of her few joys in life.

Excuse me peeps while I dab at my eyes.


As an author, I frequently hope for, fantasize about, dare to dream, that readers will like my books.  That they will find joy in the digital pages I have created.  Until yesterday, however, what hadn’t occurred to me…and perhaps this is unforgivably self-centered on my part…was that for some of these readers, my books might truly be a great escape.  Seeing Maxine, proudly posing with my book on her Kindle, I am humbled.


I suppose I could be wordy here…ramble on about how deeply I appreciate Maxine, and how happy and honored I feel at giving her those moments of joy, both of which are true statements…but really, what more is there to say?


Maxine, you rock!!  Love to you, and to all the other Maxines out there.  And every other reader out there as well.


Readers, I salute you!!
Authors, please feel free to share the first time you realized your work made an impact on someone in the comments.
I would love to hear your stories!


Happy Reading!
Clara  J



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