Interview with Megan Cyrulewski

Interview with Megan Cyrulewski

July 22, 2016 Press 0

Since Clara lives in Michigan (as do I) I know she will appreciate it when I say I want to be in that exact same spot that Clara is standing in her picture. Enough of this polar vortex! I think I have mentioned this before, but when I feature an author on my blog who balances parenting and writing, I always ask for advice. I really feel that a lot of us can relate to Clara in that we work from home, but there is still that guilt that the house should be clean, or we should be playing with our kids. Clara has a really great answer, but you will to keep reading to find out what she says! Clara is just about to wrap up her trilogy series, with the last book releasing this spring. I hope you enjoy meeting Clara as much as I did!


About Clara

Clara Grace Walker: Clara Grace Walker: A born lover of soap operas, mystery and romance, bestselling author Clara Grace Walker is on a mission to bring glitz, glamour and continuing storylines to the world of romantic suspense.


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