If My Books Were Movies

If My Books Were Movies

August 20, 2014 News 0

The mystical world where my books become films

When I’m deep in the realms of Creative Land…some mystical place outside so-called normal reality where authors, artists, musicians and the like travel…I frequently see my books paying out like some Hollywood film filtering through my mind.

Not surprisingly then, the idea of having my books turned into a TV series and/or movies, holds the appeal of say, winning the MegaMillions lottery, finding an undiscovered DaVinci in my attic or finding a money tree in my backyard. Yes, that much. Really. No, I’m not kidding. If someone were to offer me a choice between putting my books on film or all 3 of the others, I would say put my books on film. Pretty please! With a cherry on top!!

So then, in this wonderful, mystical world where my books become films, whom, you might ask, do I see in the starring roles?
Haha! This is fun! Let’s start with our heroes and heroines:


Preston Tyler – Simon Baker (suave, debonair, killer smile)
Magie McKenzie – Megan Fox (long dark hair & lots of spunk)


Nick Beck – Karl Uban (yummy Kiwi hottie!)
Jamie Jennings – Rose Leslie (one tough redhead)


Earl Grayson – Anson Mount (tall, dark and inspiring)
Mindy LePage – Emilia Clarke (even has the dark hair dyed blonde!)

Oh wait! I know how to make this even more fun…who would you cast in the starring roles??
And don’t stop there…who would you cast in these supporting roles?? Post it here; tweet it to me, or give me a shout on Facebook…can’t wait to see what you think!!

Supporting Cast:

Rod Skinner –
Darla Arnold –
Scott Tyler –
Peter Arnold –
Sarge Freeman –
Danny Ventura –
Taralynn Clarke –
Andy Clarke –
Marianne Clarke –
Patrice McKenzie –
D-bag –
Shirley Cantwise –
Arthur Belanger –
Vince Allen –
Peter Arnold –
Pearl Watson –
Janelle Tyler-Beck –
Tracy Capelli –
Henry Tyler –
Elise Chambers –
Heather Sorenson –
Kenneth Watson –
Detective Sanchez –
Carlita –
Belinda –
Rory –
Ryan –
Pauline –
Patty –
Betty –
Dennis –
Jim –
Jerry –
Dex –
Frisco Gomez –
Anthony Howard –

Happy Reading!

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