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September 14, 2015 Creative Juices 0

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Greetings, Readers,

As you may have noticed, I’m a rather infrequent blogger.  I’m told, over and over again, this situation must change…that I must post something to my blog at least once a week.

OMG!  Seriously??

It’s so much easier to simply wait for inspiration and a clearing on my calendar to coalesce into that perfect union of “I have something to say” and “I have time enough to write it down.”  The woefully infrequent occurrences of this marriage, however, have left me thinking I should probably treat you all to something other than my creative musings.

The result of this moment of truth is that I will now be interviewing Authors and other Artists in a series of Interviews I’ve elected to title “Creative Corner.”  And, I’m super excited to announce my first guest…drum roll, please!

He’s award-winning crime fiction author Terrence McCauley!  A native of The Bronx, NY, his new novel, the techno-thriller Sympathy for the Devil, was published this summer by Polis Books.  Terrence has 4 published novels to his credit, and numerous short stories.  He has written in multiple genres, including crime fiction and westerns, and recently branched out into the sci-fi genre, publishing the first in a series of digital singles.  Snagging Terrence as the inaugural Interview for Creative Corner has me giddy with excitement.  Join me next Monday, September 21, 2015, for my chat with Terrence.

Look for an amazing line-up of guests Mondays, here on Creative Corner!

That’s all for now.

Happy Reading!


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