Creative Corner – Mick Mears

Creative Corner – Mick Mears

November 30, 2015 Creative Juices 0

CC Mick MearsHe became one of my first online author friends after publishing my first book.  A gifted writer with a keen eye for the human condition, I’m proud to call this man my friend.

Meet:  Mick Mears

Welcome to Amazon the ulitimate digital dustbin. Home to failed writers, stagnant humourists and millions taking themselves far too seriously. Now you`ve navigated through hyperspace I`ll try being serious, maybe not. This page is about self publicity, I can`t be bothered. I don`t write literary masterpieces or blockbusters aimed at taking consciousness to the brink of divine understanding. I write because I always have and it`s an illness with no cure. Yes folks, it`s terminal.
This page neatly lays out the garbage I`ve written. You can peruse the first ten percent of any selected item. You don`t have to buy any of it and if you get your timing right it`s free. If you`re foolish enough to buy any of this nonsense please don`t put more nails in my coffin with bad reviews. Nobody forces anybody to read anything. If you feel you`re wasting your time then bugger off to E. Bay.

My Interview with Mick:

The Basics:

  •  Welcome, Mick. Thanks for joining me here on Creative Corner.  What should my readers know about you?

I`m young, handsome and virile.


  • What are the 3 words that best describe you?

I lie a lot. I feel this is an integral part of the story telling process.

  • Which piece of work are you most proud of?

As for which piece of work I`m most proud of this is a tough one. I like The Ghost of Bell Lane but it`s not balanced enough. Too much of a blokey book with hardly any female characters. I think it`s good to try and put creativity into everything.

  • What other creative endeavors do you enjoy?

I like to draw but am really bad at it.

  • Are you a publicity-lover, or publicity shy?

Generally I`m happiest when left alone to get on with it but will more than happily court publicity when it comes my way.

  • I love music, and I’m always interested in the musical tastes of my friends. Tell me your 3 favorite songs.

Music – again this is a tough. I go back a way so the old HMV dog has gone a bit deaf. To my daughters disgust I try to stay contemporary so my favourites at the moment are Wolf Alice, Germ. Muse Psycho and Josephine by Frank Turner.

  • What song best describes your life?

I`ve got to throw this one in for a laugh, Steel Panther with The Burden of Being Wonderful. I send the Youtube link of this to my mates top piss them off.


The Glamorous, Dangerous Romance Section:

  • You are offered, free for one year, the use of either a customized, fully staffed jet (say a Bombardier Learjet 40XR), or a fully-staffed luxury yacht (perhaps a 150-foot vessel built by Palmer Johnson). Which do you choose?

It would have to be the yacht. I hate flying and love the water, generally the two don`t mix.

  • Fabulous! Where are we going?

I think we would moor up in Miami somewhere on account of I`ve never been there.

  • Who are we bringing with us?

We`d take Don Johnson with us to show us the coolest places.

  • I love to shop! And guess what?  An eccentric billionaire has offered us his charge card for a day of shopping; with one caveat…we can only go to one store.  Where are we goingWhat do we buy there?

Unfortunately it will all fall apart when we go shopping because I`ll either choose Millets or Halfords. (Car & camping shops).


  • Which of the following soap operas most resembles your life: All My Children, Grey’s Anatomy, Dynasty or The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

As for soap operas I’ve never really got into them so I`m exceedingly boring in that sector.

  • Which celebrity would you most like to star with in a romantic movie?

Starring in a movie, that would be fun! it would either be with Julia Roberts or Sigourney Weaver. Nope, it would definitely be Julia Roberts, far sexier.

  • The setting for this movie is a private island. Where is it located?

The setting would be a snow covered Island off of Alaska so we would have to stay on bed all day.

  • Now comes the danger…This lover’s paradise has an unforeseen danger. What is it?

The danger would be running out of clean sheets.

Interviewee’s Choice:  (please answer 3 of the following questions)

  • What was the last concert you attended? Did you enjoy it?

The last concert I went was The Cult at The Roundhouse in London`s Camden, it was great.


  • If offered the chance to live forever, would you?

If offered the choice of living forever would turn it down.

  • Finish this sentence: In my next life, I’m coming back as a ___________________.

“In my next life I`m coming back as a writer.”

The Personal Touch:

  • How does your new book, The Ghost of Bell Lane, compare with your earlier works?

The Ghost of Bell Lane is different from my other stuff in that It covers a long time scale, eighteen years. It`s also very dark but I really do think it comes in to its own with quite a unique ending however I`m not always the best judge of that.

  • In what ways are you like your character Grumblebollock? In what ways are you different?

I`m like Grumblebollock in that I can create a political rant at the drop of a hat but different in that I wash on a regular basis.


  • In reading your work, I see a real sympathy for the downtrodden and the underdogs. Was there a time in your life when you felt like an underdog?

Yes I do have a sympathy for the downtrodden and the underdog. I generally think the world is an unfair place and it would be a lot fairer if we weren’t all so greedy.

  • If your work could change the world in one way, what would you like to see changed?

I have no intention of changing the world with my work, people can take it or leave it. Primarily I write to entertain, if it makes you laugh or cry then that`s fine by me.

  • What is your favorite place and/or activity in New York City?

I love New York City because you find something new and special every day. This time I found a plot for my latest novel. Geographically I fell in love with Columbus Park in China Town which is set on the infamous Five Points.

Want Some.

  • If you were to come to Michigan for a visit, what would you most like to see?

As for Michigan, again I don`t know much about it apart from being on a lake. I understand Detroit is nearby. Being a Ted Nugent fan, it`s a place I`d love to visit.

  • Why did you choose the name Cyril Smug for your Twitter handle?

The Twitter handle kind of backfired on me. Cyril Smug is the computer obsessed character in Grumblebollock.

Reach Out & Touch Someone:

  • Where can my readers get more information on you?

My main media site is Twitter.


  • What social media sites do you use? How can my readers follow you?

I also have a Facebook Author page which I have only recently started. I did have a profile on Goodreads but cancelled the site because it is absolute rubbish and time is precious.

  • Where can my readers purchase your work?

All of my work is available on Amazon in either hard copy or E. Book format. I do have an Author`s website at mickmearsbooks@weebley,com but I`m not very good at updating it.

Thank you so much for joining me, Mick!  Best Wishes on all your future endeavors!!

Happy Reading!





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