Creative Corner – Elisha Neubauer

Creative Corner – Elisha Neubauer

January 11, 2016 Creative Juices 0

CC Elisha NeubauerToday on Creative Corner, I chat with a woman who juggles the demands of home life, writing and running publishing companies, European Geeks and Eleventh Hour Literary.  I think you’ll agree, she keeps everything running with impressive style.

Meet:  Elisha Neubauer

The founder of European Geeks and a self-proclaimed nerd – Elisha is obsessed with faeries, witches, science fiction, the paranormal, and all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Doctor Who. Spending over a decade managing high volume businesses for others, Elisha decided to take a step back and focus on her own passions; leading her to open European Geeks Publishing. Elisha is an editor, reviewer, and freelance writer when not hard at work for European Geeks. Originally from the UK, Elisha now lives on a small family farm in Florida with her German husband and their three children, as well as an assortment of animals – peacocks, ducks, chickens, goats, pigs, and horses. Her children’s book, Mr. Edmund Goat and the Elusive Clover, illustrated by Alyssa Savery, launched  July 19th, 2015 and her fantasy novel, RED, is scheduled for late 2016

The Basics:

  • Welcome, Elisha. Thanks for joining me here on Creative Corner.  What should my readers know about you?

I’m a bit of geek. Okay, a total geek. I’m a fangirl to the core. One look around my house will tell you that (there’s a TARDIS in every room).

  • What are the 3 words that best describe you?

Quirky, Organized, Determined.

  • Tell us about your work.

Well, my work is pretty broad. While I only have a children’s book published at the moment, I have a paranormal short story collection on the way and a Dark Fantasy novel coming next year. I’ve been a bit busy pushing out other author’s work through my publishing company, European Geeks Publishing, and my projects went on the back burner for a while.

  • Which piece of work are you most proud of?

My Dark Fantasy novel is my baby. I know it isn’t on the market yet, but I really can’t wait for it to reach readers. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy (and research) on it.

  • What other creative endeavors do you enjoy?

I used to work as a set designer for musical theater when I was younger – so I’m pretty handy with a paint brush.

  • What would people be most surprised to see on your Kindle or bookshelf?

The Mortal Instruments series. The ENTIRE series. I haven’t finished it yet – but I’m obsessed.

  • How about your playlist?

My music tastes vary but I really like indie and 90s grunge music. I’m a big fan of Halsey, Bush, and Soja. But, the biggest thing on my playlist right now (I use them when I’m writing) are the soundtracks to Mortal Instruments – the movie and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • I love music, and I’m always interested in the musical tastes of my friends. Tell me your 3 favorite songs.

Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones is my number one. I have a CD that has Wild Horses sung by over 15 different artists. My second favorite song would be Creep by Radiohead and my third would have to be Mouth by Bush.

  • What song best describes your life?

Wild Horses is a good one. It’s about being driven – determined. Nothing can pull me away…

  • In the story of your life, who would you like to play you?

Ksenia Solo from Lost Girl is a big one. She appears quirky, dark, but warm-hearted all at the same time. Christina Ricci would be my next option.

The Glamorous, Dangerous Romance Section:

You’re about to be teleported back in time to the days of castles and dragons. Please cast the following roles:

    • King Peter Capaldi. The man makes a great leader.
    • Queen Alex Kingston
    • Prince David Boreanaz
    • Princess Adelaide Kane
    • Court Jester Matt Smith
    • Alchemist Anthony Stewart Head
    • Evil Nemesis Benedict Cumberbatch
    • Dragon Sean Connery. He made such a good dragon in Dragonheart.
  • What is the biggest danger facing the castle?

Internal treason! Isn’t there always that one bad guy within the walls plotting to overthrow the king?

  • How do you prevail over this danger?

Gossip! Gossip in a royal court is always the best way to thwart a treasonous plot. I mean, have you seen Reign? Gossip in the court was enough to ruin or forge alliances. The best royals know how to utilize it.

  • We’re off to the Cannes film festival. Who do we meet there?

Uh, everyone important, of course! On the top of my list would be anyone from the Doctor Who casts over the years, and Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and Miles Teller.

  • What do you wear on the red carpet?

Pamela Dennis, if possible. She made the iconic dress worn by Sarah Michelle Geller in the prom scene of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • You’re about to be sucked into a soap opera. The only thing you have control over is which one you land in.  Which one is it?

Honestly, I couldn’t name a soap opera if my life depended on it. I avoid those things like the plague.

  • You’ve been invited to 2 different events, each taking place on the same day/time. Do you attend the star-studded charity event for a charity you don’t feel strongly about?  Or a low-key gathering of a dozen people you find interesting and entertaining?

Not to sound too shallow, but I would attend the low-key gathering. Being around entertaining and interesting people is more likely to get my creative juices flowing than some boring charity event for something I’m not passionate about.

  • You’ve been chosen to receive a custom wardrobe by the designer of your choice. Which designer is making it for you?

Betsy Johnson. Love her quirkiness.

  • People magazine is featuring you on next month’s cover. Why?

For my publishing company!

  • We have front row tickets to Fashion Week in NYC. Who are we sitting with? Oooh… toughy. I would have to say my daughter. She’d be very interested in that kind of thing.
  • Whose collection are you most looking forward to seeing?

I like Vera Wang… she’s pretty versatile and adaptable to real life.

  • You’re given to chance to star in either Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. Which movie do you choose?

Duh, Star Wars.

  • Which role do you play?

Well, as they keep writing new ones, I would want to have a new role. Some kick a* female general or something!

  • Who is starring in the movie with you?

Hmm…Chris Hardwick! I think it’s about time he got into one of his fandoms.

Interviewee’s Choice:  (please answer 3-5 of the following questions)

  • If offered the chance to live forever, would you?

No. The beauty of life lies in the prospect of death. While it seems a tempting choice, life would lose its magic if indefinitely extended.

  • Given the choice, would you rather date a famous athlete, a famous singer, or a famous actor/actress?

Famous singer. I’m obsessed with music.

  • You’re about to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Whose star would you like to have your star next to?

Daniel Radcliff. He seems like a cool dude.

  • You’re the lucky winner of the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. What’s the first thing you do after receiving your prize?

Call me silly, but I’d pay off my mortgage before anything!

  • Your house has been sucked into a tornado and transported to Oz. What’s the first thing you do when you land?

Dance down the yellow brick road… who could resist?

  • What color best describes your current mood, and why?

Black… but not because I’m “dark” but because black is a great base color. It’s a fresh start. And I’m always looking to start something new.

Edmund 3d Cover

The Personal Touch:

  • Do you see more children’s books in your future? If so, what other farm animals can we look forward to meeting?

My illustrator and I have been discussing another children’s book, but it’s not farm animal related. Other than that – I have three adult projects in the works. A short story collection, a Dark Fantasy, and a Rom-Com.

  • What do you like best about writing for children? What is most challenging? They’re honest. You know they’re not just saying they enjoy your work to be nice. However, I find that I spend far too long worrying if I’ve simplified my language enough. I have advanced children, so sometimes I forget that not every kid knows certain words.
  • If you were to be sucked into a fantasy world, how long would it take you to adjust?

Not long at all… I think I’d be pretty good at it.

  • What steps would you take to make the transition easier?

Clothes would most likely be the first change. Otherwise, just remembering everything I’ve ever read. I would expect that to be prevalent information.

  • Earl Grayson, the hero of my book Redemption, is also a Doctor Who He prefers the original series to the re-boot.  Would you argue this point with Earl, or agree with him?

While I would agree that they are great, I wouldn’t say that they are better. The best thing about Doctor Who is that the series continues to grow. You can rewatch old episodes and find new hidden clues or plot lines that are being rebooted in the newer episodes. The newer ones also contain head-nods to the originals in ways that only a seasoned and dedicated fan would notice. However, they can all be watched independently and understood. You just seem to get more out of it the longer you watch.

  • In some parallel universe, where time has no meaning, you’re offered the role of companion to the Doctor of your choice. Whom do you choose, and why?

That’s hard! It would be a toss-up between Matt Smith, who looks like he just has a good time, and David Tennant, who is an overall badass while still having fun.

  • What is the most interesting time/place you’d visit?

I would love to see Queen Elizabeth I’s coronation!

  • If you were sucked into the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, how would you fare at taking out vampires?

I’m not going to lie; I’ve spent quite a few weekends of my childhood reenacting training sequences from both the movie and the show. I think I’d do okay!

  • Any chance you’d end up as a vampire?

If I met the right vampire! (wink, wink)

  • The roles of wife/mother, author and publisher are all very demanding. How do you balance your time between them?

By cutting out sleep! No seriously, it’s all about prioritizing. Obviously, my family comes first. Then everything else has to be layered in by what is due next. Scheduling is the most important thing any business-owner/parent can learn.

Reach Out & Touch Someone:

  • Where can my readers get more information on you?

My website contains everything you need to get to know me. My bio, my work, my contact information, my personal blog.

  • What social media sites do you use? How can my readers follow you?

You’ll find me mostly on Facebook: Otherwise, I’m on Twitter (@AuthorElishaN). My publishing company holds a few other social media accounts, but those aren’t about me and my personal work.

  • Where can my readers purchase your work?

Amazon,, B&N, or any other bookstore that can place an order for a published book. (If you can buy local – I always suggest doing so! Ask your local bookshop to order any title you’re interested in and they’re normally quite happy to oblige!)

  • Please provide any other links my readers might find useful.

If you’re interested in finding out more about my publishing company – visit for Science Fiction and Fantasy or for general fiction.

Thank you so much for joining me, Elisha!  Best Wishes on all your future endeavors!!

Happy Reading!


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