Are Ghosts Real?

Lila Goodwell was only six-years-old when her father appeared at the foot of her bed, after dying in a plane crash. Having grown up listening to taunts and skepticism, Lila has made it her mission in life to prove the doubters and naysayers wrong. As producer and star of the TV show, Ghost Zone, Lila searches for evidence of an afterlife, and perhaps, one last chance to speak with her departed father. For her Halloween special, she’s chosen to film on Cannibal Island; reputedly the most haunted place on Earth.

When Lila has trouble finding the island’s owner, reclusive billionaire Sam Peterson, she shows up to film her show without his permission, and unexpectedly meets him there. Handsome, intelligent, and as haunted as his island, Sam proves to be the only thing more irresistible to Lila than the ghosts she’s seeking. Unfortunately, Lila has a bad track record where men are concerned. After one heartbreak too many, she is determined to keep herself from falling for a man who may be too emotionally wounded to open his heart up to love again.

Sam Peterson has suffered the worst heartbreak life has to offer, losing his wife and children in a tragic shipwreck. For the last two years he’s shut himself away from the world conducting top-secret research for the Department of Defense on his private island. He lives alone with Spunky, a rescued jaguar, and memories of what his life used to be. Sam believes he is done with the world, done with life, and definitely done with love.

Life and love, however, are not done with him. Fate brings Lila Goodwell into Sam’s perfectly hermetic existence, plunking her down on his island, minus an invite. Not only does Lila’s presence threaten his work; her eerily similar appearance to his late wife has Sam’s heart caught between dueling desires of wanting to pull her close, and chase her away. He gives in to his desire for Lila temporarily, deciding the best way to protect his island, and the secrecy of his work, is to sabotage her TV show with fake hauntings. Once his mission has been accomplished, Sam vows to disappear from Lila’s life, and from the world for good.

As the attraction between Sam and Lila heats up, so do the strange occurrences on the island. Lila is determined to unravel the mystery of Cannibal Island, and Sam is determined to stop her. What neither of them knows is that there are other, more sinister forces at work…forces that threaten their future, and their lives.

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