Sun Goes Down

Gossip is tabloid publisher Nicholas Beck’s business and he makes no apologies for it. When his wife is murdered, however, he finds his publishing rival Peter Arnold slinging the mud and rumors in his direction, and the police hounding his every move. Needing to clear his name and determined to unmask his wife’s true killer, Nick goes to work tracking down the real story behind her death. As he uses his investigative skills to discover who killed his wife, he learns she was hiding dark secrets and soon finds himself embroiled in a sleazy world of revenge, deception and blackmail.

With leads running out, his rival printing headlines casting blame at him and his heart broken from a failing marriage that ended in murder, can Nick clear his name and break open the story? And will easing his pain with beautiful photographer Jamie Jennings turn out to be his biggest mistake? Or the cure for everything wrong in his life?

Yes No