8 Terrible Titles

8 Terrible Titles

January 23, 2015 News 4

I’ve been tagged.  And I wasn’t even running around the playground trying not to be ‘It.’ But it’s okay.  My friend B.A. Wilson (@BAWilsonWrites) tagged me, and she is super cool, so I’m game to play along.

As I understand it, the rules are as follows:

I pull up my current WIP (that’s Exploits, Book #1 of my new series, Sex & Secrets), and I scroll to a random page.

  1. I close my eyes, allowing my cursor to land on some random word or phrase, and that is my first Terrible Title. (Okay, the rules didn’t say I had to close my eyes, but I did, just to make it more fun).
  2. Repeat steps #1 & 2 seven more times, giving me a total of 8 Terrible Titles.

Wow!  Is this game ever easy!  Can’t say much for the titles though.  These are my 8 terrible titles.  Wait…can I just choose the ones I like best?  That might not be so bad.

  1.  Brute Nodded.   What?  Who is Brute?  No, he’s not the Hero.  He’s not even the main Villain.  So why is he in the title?
  2. Rogaine and Hair Transplants. I reject this title outright.  Nothing here suggests romantic suspense…unless the Heroine is about to fall in love with a bald guy looking for his toupee.
  3. She Had Bested the Bitch. Well, there’s a definite hint of soap opera here, and maybe even a dash of suspense.  But, where, oh where, is the romance?
  4. A Salon, Two Boutiques and a Shoe Store. This one could actually make a great title for a chick lit book.  I’m keeping it in mind for future reference.
  5. Completing the Tease-Ready Outfit. Oh look!  Another chick lit novel.  Or perhaps a non-fiction fashion book for the Club set.  I’ll get back with you when I’ve made up my mind.
  6. Throw Her Ass In Jail. I like this title.  I really do.  I even see where there could be some romance and some suspense thrown in.  There’s just one problem.  Have I mentioned I’m super partial to one-word titles?
  7. Then Let’s Make It a Good One. I agree.  Let’s.  And let’s start by getting rid of this title.
  8. But I Swear I’m In Love. And there we have it!  Something that smacks entirely of romance.  Um…suspense anyone?

Well that was fun!  If you want to have a look at the tagging that got me started, head over to B.A. Wilson’s Blog.  You can follow this link:  bawilsonwrites.blogspot.com  And don’t forget to tell her I said, “Hello.”

Happy Reading!


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  1. B.A. Wilson

    January 24, 2015

    Ha! Awesome! Much more interesting than my post, since I was too lazy to comment on the titles. ;). And I think you're cool too. :) 

  2. Tim Hemlin

    January 31, 2015

    I love this blog hop. Great idea. You came up with some marvelously funny responses to them as well.

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